Tips for Seasonal Storage

Posted on May 21 2012 - 4:18pm by Lisa Zaslow

Want to make your life easier throughout the year? Take some time to re-arrange your things once a season.

As the seasons change, the items that we use most often change too. In the sweltering heat of August, who wants to look at a coat closet filled with down jackets, scarves and mittens?

Follow these tips to tweak your storage systems so that you can quickly and easily get to the items you need for the current season, whether it’s antifreeze or sunscreen.

Clothing and closets

If you only make one seasonal change to your organizational systems, focus on your clothes! In my 10 years of working with thousands of clients, organizing their clothes so that their current wardrobe is easy to reach is the change that makes the biggest difference in their lives every day.

Move off-season clothes out of your main closet and dressers. Use a spare closet, the basement or attic (if they are climate-controlled) or move items you won’t be wearing to high shelves, the bottom of the closet, or even under the bed.

Clean your clothes before you store them to prevent damage and to discourage moths and other critters.

Sports and activities

Many sports and activities can only be done at certain times of the year. Re-arrange your equipment storage so that this season’s gear is front and center and easy to reach. As summer approaches, gather towels, umbrellas and chairs to make a day at the beach … a day at the beach (not a day searching for the pails and Frisbees).

In the kitchen

As the seasons change, our eating habits change too. The slow cooker and the ice cream maker might trade places as the temperature rises. Stash the huge roasting pans in warmer weather, and bring out the grill tools.

The great outdoors

Overhaul storage spaces in the garage, shed and other outdoor areas when the weather changes. Why risk tripping over the shovel in May when you need to get to your gardening supplies? When it starts to get too cool to sit outdoors, store outdoor cushions and furniture so they are protected from the elements.

Holidays and decorations

Organize your decorations so you can access them all year round. Store things together based on the season, so that when you take down decorations for one holiday, you can easily find the items for the next date on the calendar.

Label boxes clearly to make it easy to find what you need. When you only use things once a year, don’t trust your memory. Chances of your remembering that the dog’s Halloween costume is in the brown shopping bag at the top of the hall closet? Slim to none.

Check out my tips on organization products which are great seasonal storage solutions in this video:

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Lisa Zaslow

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