Finding Harmony with Computer (Dis)Cords

Posted on May 7 2012 - 10:15am by Jessica Johnson

My husband has a prized collection commandeering an entire drawer in the largest drawer of our home office desk. It is filled with every cord, cable, computer plug, microphone, headphones, mouse, and anything else that has been or ever could be attached to a computer. I call it the Pit of Dis-cords. Not my most clever moment, but it stuck somehow.

In this Pit of Dis-cords, there are so many wires and cables that it looks more like a mind-puzzler-type of game. Can you find the right cord by untying only five knots?

When we eventually need a random USB cable, we end up going to the store to buy a new one. We are smarter than that, and usually more organized than that as well. This weekend I am determined to get our Pit of Dis-cords into tip-top shape.


Non-digital Tools for Digital Organization

I found these reusable cable ties called Q Knots that profess to being perfect for “bundling multiple objects, organizing various cords, sealing plastic bags for chips and breads, and much more.” They had me at organizing various cords—but the potential to also seal bags of chips?—match made in heaven! If you’re interested you can find Q Knots on Amazon.

I have heard of some people using old paper towel tubes that fit right over the cords and then you can write exactly what is inside. Great idea, but not what I pictured for my own organizing solution. I also don’t want to have fifty Ziploc bags (which are great since they already have a label to write on) thrown into a drawer. I am going for aesthetic along with practical usability.

After I separate my cords and cables and have them all tied up nicely with their cable ties, I will use my trusty label maker to identify exactly what each one is and to which computer they belong. I use my DYNO label maker, but there are a lot of really good and easy ones in the market. I am always amazed at how many new reasons I find to use my label maker.

I am planning on ordering these drawer organizers in the small and medium sizes so each computer or component can have their own organizer (labeled, of course), and we can easily see whatever is it that we have in our Pit of Dis-cords.

I’m going to have to come up with a better name for our drawer after this weekend. A little creative redemption is in order. How about “Drawer A-cord”? I think I am getting worse at this. At least it looks better.

What tips do you have for taming computer chaos? What are other digital organizing challenges in your home or office?