Closet Conundrums

Posted on Apr 30 2012 - 1:17pm by Jessica Johnson

I should know better than to test Mother Nature. No sooner had I claimed her incredible kindness at the balmy and beautiful spring weather than she up and threw a monster storm on one side of the country and little threats for everyone else. When will I learn?

Luckily, I had been cleaning out the garage over the weekend and didn’t have time to fully trade up my wardrobe. My closet is currently spilling over with everything from snow coats to flip-flops. How do you ever know when and how to transition clothes from winter to spring (to summer, naturally)?


It’s not a pretty name, but transitional clothing is key when moving from one season to the next. Light sweaters, cardigans, light scarves, long pants and skirts are easy to layer when the temperature dips a little lower than planned.


Boots with short skirts for the ladies or dress pants with sandals for the men: spring is the best time to mix the seasons up for your stylish benefit. Anything goes, really. If you wore it in the winter, remove one piece that made it a winter outfit and replace it with something you wear in the warmer weather. Your favorite summer dress with a warmer cardigan becomes a new favorite outfit. Add a little color to bring any winter outfit into the spring.


Don’t worry about whites after Memorial Day and wools only in the winter. In the spring, you have to trust your instinct. If you want to wear white linen pants with a wool sweater, then do it. Mixing patterns and textures is in style. Stripes with stripes with more stripes have been taking over the fashion blogs. Whatever you do, own it. If anything is in style it is confidence.


Unlike my current closet situation, you don’t want to have all of your clothes spilling out onto your bedroom floor. I don’t either, frankly. Now is a good time to throw out any clothing that has stains or holes. Give away the winter clothes that you haven’t worn in years. Do yourself a favor for next winter and only pack away what you really love to wear now.

You won’t need all of your dozen bulky sweaters; pick one or two to leave out and pack up the rest. Do the same thing with your jackets, snow gear, hats, gloves, pants, and wool clothing. Pick a few items that you would wear during those days when dear Mother Nature throws a spring snowstorm on you and pack up the rest.

My fingers are crossed that we won’t even need them.