Saving Energy One Retrofit at a Time

Posted on Apr 11 2012 - 4:02pm by Garret Stembridge

Did you know in December of 2011, our country used over 54 million tons of coal to generate electricity? That’s more than 108 BILLION pounds of coal. That’s right, I said BILLION!!!! That’s insane!!!!! And this is only one source of many that generates electricity for our country.

At Extra Space Storage we understand the importance of energy conservation. This is why we take a focused approach to decrease our energy consumption and to shrink the size of our carbon footprint. One of the many ways we try to reduce our energy consumption is through lighting retrofits at our properties.

T8 Light Bulbs
Our first area of focus with a lighting retrofit is replacing T12 light bulbs with T8 light bulbs. Retrofitting an existing light fixture with T8 bulbs will reduce the energy usage of that fixture by 35%! Besides saving energy, the standard T8 bulbs are 6% brighter than the standard T12 bulb. It’s a win win because we save energy without having to diminish the lighting quality at our facilities.

Lighting Motion Sensors
In the past, twist timers were used as a way to save energy by shutting off the lights once the time ran out. Although more effective than just leaving the lights on all day, we found that a common practice is to turn the twist timer all the way to the highest time allotment, even if a person only needs the lights on for 5 minutes. Motion sensors turn the lights on when movement is detected and turn the lights off when a certain period of time has passed with no detection of movement.

Proven Results
From the changes we’ve made at our retrofitted properties, we’ve seen remarkable results. Take for example one of the retrofitted storage facilities in New York, NY. In the first 12 months after the retrofit took place, we’ve seen a 27% reduction in electricity consumption. This is the equivalent of removing 6 cars from the road or 33 tons of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) emissions.

Extra Space Storage continues to retrofit more and more of its facilities every year. We realize everyone plays a role in reducing the consumption of our world’s natural resources, including companies like us. Come back next week to learn how we are using LED lighting technology to also reduce our electricity consumption.

Garret Stembridge