Kitchen Organization Tips: Make Cooking Easier

Posted on Apr 9 2012 - 2:05pm by Lisa Zaslow

Whether you want to prepare gourmet meals or just get dinner on the table quickly, organizing your kitchen will make it easier for you to cook.

Clear clutter. Mysterious items can migrate to the backs of cabinets and the depths of drawers. Clear out things that you never use and you’ll find you have more space than you thought. Toss orphan plastic container lids, spices from the last century, and gadgets that seemed useful when seen on TV (how many hard boiled eggs do you make? do you eat so many mangoes that you need a special slicer for them?)

Easy essentials. Make it easy to reach the ingredients and equipment that you use most. Store your go-to items in the places that are easiest for you to reach – your most convenient drawers and cabinets, or even right on the counter. Use a crock near the stove to hold wooden spoons, tongs, and spatulas that you use while cooking. Keep things you use infrequently (the giant roasting pan) in hard to reach cabinets, such as the one above the refrigerator.

Like with like. Keep similar things together to make it easy to find what you need. Contain your gadgets based on function – cutting, measuring, serving. Store foods by category – canned goods, grains and pasta, cereals. Keep spices together depending on how you use them (baking, grilling), by cuisine (Italian, Asian), or by frequency of use. Nest your frying pans and sauce pans. Keep wraps and bags in one drawer, potholders and dish towels in another.

Smart storage. Arrange your kitchen to make the best use of your space. View your cabinets and drawers with a fresh eye. Are your dishes, glasses and silverware in places that make it easy to unload the dishwasher? Can you quickly grab a potholder when you’re standing in front of the oven? Do you really want to use a whole kitchen drawer for “junk”?

Watch this video for some quick tips to maximize space in your cabinets.

Organization inspiration. Tired of making the same old dishes? Dedicate some cabinet space right at eye level to cookbooks, and put recipes you want to try out on your fridge. Trying to eat healthier? Keep fruits and veggies in clear view on the counter and in the fridge and hide the junk food in a high cabinet.

What are your best kitchen organization tips? Leave a comment below!

Lisa Zaslow