I thought a good way to break up the dragging afternoon would be to search the internet to find what weird things people have found in storage units. We’ve all heard the dime a dozen stories about people buying self storage units at auction and finding some random treasure that makes them thousands of dollars. I however, wanted to see what kinds of weird, interesting, unique, bizarre stuff people have found in storage units, regardless of whether or not it made them a lot of money.

I was shocked to find a TON of examples, some of which were so shocking I chose not to write about them in this post. The following are a couple of my favorite findings:

Cremated bodies (ashes) – Aren’t you supposed to keep a loved one’s cremated ashes in a special place to one day be spread over the geographical location of the deceased person’s choice (or do I just watch too many movies?). I don’t think a storage unit is a good way to honor a deceased loved one, unless they had a weird passion/love for storage. Not staying current on your monthly payments and letting the unit go to auction is DEFINITELY not the way to honor them.

Dinosaur Jawbone– This was found in a storage unit in Alberta, Canada. Say no more. This is just awesome. The buyer of this unit found something in a storage unit that is millions of years old and takes paleontologists years to find and extract from the earth!

Michael Jackson Original Tracks – One lucky buyer of a storage unit walked away with over 250 Michael Jackson original tracks. Come to find out, this unit actually belonged to Joe Jackson, Michael’s father. Even though I couldn’t find the worth of these original tracks, I think it’s safe to assume the buyer of this unit potentially made thousands from it.

Moral of the story – stay current on your storage unit payments! If you know your unit is going to soon go to auction, call your friends and relatives and have them loan you enough money to pay off the past due amount. Think of the personal treasures you may be losing and the money you are essentially giving away if you let your unit go to auction.

Garret Stembridge