Get Organized for Spring Cleaning

Posted on Mar 5 2012 - 1:00pm by Lisa Zaslow

As winter thaws and the days lengthen, the ritual of spring cleaning begins. This year, turbo-charge your seasonal spruce-up and get organized for spring. It’s a great time to clear clutter and re-organize so that you have easy access to the things you’ll use most often as the weather warms up.

Clear Clutter

Think of it as spring clearing – clear out all the stuff that’s piled up over the past few months – or years! Clutter consists of things that are broken, that you don’t use, that you don’t need, and that you don’t like. Clear out clutter and you’ll have more space and fewer things that need spring cleaning.

Here are some ideas of where to start:

Closets – Weed out clothes, particularly winter wear. Donate any clothes that you didn’t wear this past winter because you don’t really like them – what are the chances you’ll feel differently next winter? If your son could barely zip his parka by the end of February, what are the chances he’ll fit into it next year?

Basement and garage – Clear out broken sleds, rusty skates and other winter equipment that you didn’t use and won’t miss.

Kitchen – Did you use all those specialty baking pans and serving pieces over the holidays? Do you really want to hold onto them for another year?

Want to speed your clutter-clearing process? Watch my video tips to clear clutter quickly:

For examples of common types of clutter, check out my tips on the Extra Space Storage Facebook page

Re-organize for Spring

In the warmer months, there are many different things that you’ll use more frequently – and things that you’ll now use less often. Take the time to re-organize the way you store items so that the things you use most are easiest to reach.

Clothes – Move heavy coats, sweaters and boots out of your main closets. Store them in the basement, attic, or in under-the-bed boxes or on high closet shelves. Make room for lighter clothes in your most accessible closets.

Sporting equipment – Make it easy to reach baseball bats, tennis racquets and golf clubs. Store skis, sleds and skates in less-accessible locations since you won’t need them.

Kitchenware – You’ll probably be using your grill more and your slow cooker less as the weather warms up. Re-arrange things in the kitchen so that you can quickly grab the things you’ll use to prepare warm-weather meals.

Linens – Store heavy blankets and comforters on high closet shelves or in the basement or attic. Put lighter-weight blankets on shelves that are easier to reach.

What other things can you re-arrange to get organized for spring? Leave a comment and share your experience!

Lisa Zaslow

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