How to Keep Playrooms Organized

Posted on Feb 24 2012 - 11:30am by Tim Eyre

As parents with a playroom for our kids, my wife and I are happy, carefree beings walking on clouds. Right? Sure! Having a well-used playroom is good for the rest of the house, but what about keeping the playroom organized?

I firmly believe in that old saying about a place for everything and everything in its place. Sure, the playroom is a fluid environment. Things will shift about and you don’t want to be too strict, but it’s important to have a playroom with a good backbone to take it all. So I made a few tips on creating that important backbone that I really want to share.

Go for Small Bins Instead of Large Boxes
Don’t fill the room with large toy boxes. They are the places where ignored or “lost” toys go. Digging around for toys isn’t always fun either. Instead of large toy boxes, we went with smaller canvas, wicker or plastic storage bins that can be tucked into shelving beside books or under benches. Storage bins are available in a variety of colors, so try making cleaning assignments based on color! Don’t forget to label bins with their contents: blocks, cars, dinosaurs or dolls.

Use the Walls for Decorating and Storage
Repurpose old kitchen cabinets, using them to store board games, art supplies, bicycle helmets and more. With cabinets in the playroom, you’ll have plenty of storage along the walls and more opportunities to decorate. Cabinets in the playroom can serve as functional art if you select fun paint colors. Don’t be afraid of patterns like spirals or dots, or stenciled art.  We like the idea of letting the kids help decide on cabinet decorating, and be sure to hang the cabinets at a kid-friendly height.

Sweat the Big Stuff
Floor space is precious for proper play, so we set limits on the number of large toys allowed. It’s difficult to enjoy a playroom that has too many giant plastic castles for dragons or Barbie dream homes. Tables inside playrooms are great for art projects, but shouldn’t be cluttered by large toys that don’t fit on shelving or inside cabinets.

Make Playroom Cleaning Fun for Kids
Most kids who are old enough to make a playroom look like a disaster area are also old enough to help keep the playroom organized. Parents can make cleaning up a regular part of playtime. It comes at the end of playtime, and praise for a job well done can be motivating. You can make cleaning time fun by having a contest to see who can get the toys put away first, or play inspector, giving out an “excellent” or “needs work” badge or sticker. 

Have you made a plan for keeping the playroom organized?

Tim Eyre