Unusual but Brilliant Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

The world of stuffed animals keeps getting more complex. In addition to the beloved teddy bear, kids today can cherish a stuffed animal of almost any type – from a blue-footed booby to a Pekingese! And don’t forget the cartoon and movie characters. It’s easy to get nervous as your child’s stuffed animal collection grows, and there’s good reason to be nervous. Stuffed animal congregations on the floor or bed translate into extra time spent cleaning said floors and making up that plushed-out bed. And what parent hasn’t tripped over a stuffed animal?

It’s good news that with the complexity of stuffed animal options, there are also plenty of storage possibilities. Some storage solutions may already be in your home, and you can purchase others ready to go, or make a daring DIY version yourself.

Dust off the Shoe Organizers
Many families have a long-forgotten and lonely shoe organizer in the attic. Purchased with good intentions, but abandoned for various reasons, shoe organizers are a dream for stuffed animal organization. Over-the-door shoe organizers have canvas or mesh pockets that just don’t work for manly shoes like mine. However, those small pockets are a perfect catch for mini plush toys like Webkinz. If you happen to have a revolving metal shoe tree, try it out for larger stuffed animals. Maybe metal shoe trees look ugly when empty, but imagine them displaying unicorns and monkeys!

Storage Your Toddler Can Sit on
Boon makes colorful Animal Bags. These charming creations act like a beanbag, but they’re filled with stuffed animals. Kids can still access the animals, and see many of them, but they’re also transformed into unique kid’s furniture.

Start a Zoo
Maybe you should put wild animals where they belong – in a zoo! The Zoo holds around 90 stuffed animals, has flexible bars for safety, and can be attached to the wall to eliminate tipping. Toddlers can manage their own personal zoos, all while keeping toys off the bed and floor.

Let Them Hang Out
Free up floor space with a toy hammock or pet net. Create your own DIY pet hammock or choose one available online. Hammocks are a great solution for small spaces like a kid’s bedroom. Instead of resting in a hammock, stuffed animals can also hang out on the Original Chain Gang Toy Organizer, a gadget consisting of a plastic chain with clips for attaching animals.

But let’s face it. Some children are stuffed animal hoarders! To remedy such situations, observe which animals your child plays with most frequently. When your kid isn’t looking, take a few of the least popular toys away. If your child hasn’t missed them after a few weeks, go ahead and donate. When birthdays roll around, gently suggest gift alternatives like books, action toys, games and movies.

Are you living in a stuffed animal prison, or have you already tackled the plush foes?

Tim Eyre