Bringing Back Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 10 2012 - 1:49pm by David Decker

Growing up, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, everyone would pull out the red and pink construction paper, heart-shaped doilies, paste and markers. If you were really lucky, glitter would be involved.

Somehow, over the years, giving out homemade heart-shaped Valentines turned to doling out store-bought manufactured creations with the obligatory candy attached. All you had to do was sign your name. Something happened to Valentines Day and many of us are trying to reclaim the craftiness, thought, and romanticism that started the holiday in the first place.

With the invention of sites like Pinterest, all you need to do is search the word Valentine and hundreds of suggestions are literally at your fingertips. Here are some of my favorite ideas for crafty, fun and quirky Valentines.

Pipe cleaners are an inexpensive and fun craft supply that can transform into almost anything. Wrap a red or pink one around a Hershey’s kiss for a fun Valentine ring.

The dollar bins are always selling mini farm animals, dinosaurs, and zoo animals. Pick up a few animal tubes the next time you’re out and have fun thinking of Valentine puns to go along with each animal. Hippo Valentine’s Day!

A little sweet and a little toy to keep, all wrapped in a cute wordplay. Try a plastic shovel with Valentine candies in a cellophane bag with the words: “I dig you”. Or a fake mustache affixed to a sucker with a tag that reads: “I mustache you a question: will you be mine?”

Suckers are the perfect candy to attach to many homemade Valentine’s ideas. Poke some colorful paper baking cups through the stick and turn your lollipop into an edible flower. Add wings and you have a sweet butterfly. Cut out paper lips and attach to the sucker’s stick, so when your friend is eating it, all you can see are those big paper lips. Put a bunch together for a Valentine candy bouquet.

Here are some other ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Pop Rocks or rock candy: You Rock, Valentine.
  • Crayons: You Color My World!
  • Glue Stick: I’m stuck on you!
  • Mini boxes of cold cereal with spoon attached: I CEREALsly like you.
  • Candy bananas: I’m bananas for you, Valentine.
  • Starburst: You’re a STAR!
  • Bouncy ball: Have a Ball this Valentine’s Day. OR You make me bounce, Valentine.
  • Rolos: I like the way you roll.
  • Bubbles: Having you as a friend makes me so happy, I could burst.
  • Pack of gum: I chews you for my friend.
  • Bottle of soda: I’ve got a CRUSH on you. OR You make me fizz with joy. OR If you weren’t my friend, I would POP.

Whatever you do, make it fun and memorable. And don’t forget the glitter!