Part 4: Unconventional Storage Containers for the Office

Today we wrap up our series with the most daunting task yet, organizing the home office.

Finally, I headed for one of the biggest projects, the home office.  I found this to be the biggest challenge because I use almost everything on a daily basis, which makes items hard to “store,” especially with a small desk.  However, with my will for an organized home outweighing any other obstacle, I found a few simple steps.

My first problem was thumb tacks, erasers, and staples  – these little guys were constantly in the way or hiding in the bottom of a drawer.  I fixed this by painting the bottom half of an egg carton and mounting it to the wall.  (Cardboard will last longer than styrofoam.) Now they each have their own place and I know exactly where to find them.  Secondly, I had too many items on my desk, all of which are necessary.  The fix?  I found a cheap scrap of metal, hung it on the wall, and used hot glue to attach magnets to items I wanted to hang.  Now I can find my stapler, letter opener, Post its, three hole punch, etc. all hanging on the wall.

Photo courtesy of Craft Gossip.

Next I rolled up cords and fastened them with bread twisty ties, or for those I used frequently, I held to my desk with a large spring clip.  Paperwork was put into my old three-ring binders, then into another fabric-covered box.  And as for bills, which always used to get lost in the clutter, I hung an old dish rack on the wall to place them for safe keeping.  Bills and important paperwork can now be sorted into separate categories and I don’t have to worry about them getting lost.

Photo courtesy of Living Locurto.

Although my home isn’t the most categorized or spot free, I have definitely saved myself a lot of time and stress by finding these quick fixes.  And the best part, I was able to spend virtually no money while still maintaining a neat and organized home.  Check back in for more organizing and storage tips, or if you have unconventional storage items to share, let us know.

Mike James