Unconventional Storage Containers – Part 3

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After making my living room a place of joy to behold, this week we take on every woman’s worst nightmare – a guy’s bathroom!  I’ll show you how I made my bathroom an homage to orderliness.


The bathroom was the easiest room to de-clutter, due to size.  For this space, I went through my cabinets and closets to find containers.  You know all those bath kits you’ve gotten for Christmas over the years?  Those tiny little baskets they come in that don’t fit anything?  They are great for holding all of your bathroom supplies: Qtips, cotton balls, brushes, perfume and cologne bottles – they all fit wonderfully.  A few baskets already fit my taste, but others I painted to match my bathroom’s décor.  These baskets of bathroom goods can be placed in drawers to help hold items in place, or displayed on the counter for more frequently used items.













1st Photo courtesy of Real Simple. 2nd Photo courtesy of About.com.

Mike James

Unconventional Storage Containers - Part 3 by

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January 30, 2012

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