Unconventional Storage Containers – Part 2

Welcome readers, to another Monday with Mike wherein we get our house organized. We took care of the kitchen last week and discovered we could do a lot with food jars, even getting replacement lids when we needed.

On to the living room!

Living Room

When I tackled my living room, it was full of trinkets and books.  Most of the cluttered items I still wanted to keep, but didn’t have the storage space for either.  But thanks to my habit of saving every shoe box I’d ever purchased, I found a simple fix.  I went to the local craft store and picked up a few yards of fabric in patterns that matched my living room.  Then I glued (I used Elmers, but hot or fabric glue would work just as well) the fabric to the boxes, and viola! Storage boxes that I didn’t feel the need to shove under a bed.  I placed my boxes on a shelf, but boxes could even be stacked to act as an end table – just remember to stack the heavy items toward the bottom.  This tip can be used for any room just by changing the fabric.

Photo courtesy of All People Quilt.

Next Monday I’ll share the reasoning behind a surprising discovery. The bathroom was the easiest room to handle.

Mike James

Unconventional Storage Containers - Part 2 by

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January 23, 2012

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