Leaving on a Jet Plane – Buy your Holiday Stress a Ticket

Every year before the holidays, the season begins to feel more frantic than it does festive. Commercials bring back all the shopping that needs to be finished, and virtually every meal time reminds me of all the cooking that needs to be done before the big day – both goodies and for Christmas dinner. Hopefully, most of you aren’t as crazy as I am when it comes to getting things under control. But, no matter your level of holiday-planning stress, I have a few tips to help make life easier. Lists, lists, and more lists When it comes to shopping, cooking, traveling, or anything else holiday-themed, write it … [More]

Moving Day – Time to Pack and Preserve

Moving day can be one of the most stressful days you’ll ever encounter. Between all of the packing and cleaning there’s hardly time for a resting moment. One of the biggest struggles is packing all of your belongings safely, and, more importantly, so they’ll last. Photos may be “safe” in a shoebox, but chances are they won’t make it past a leaky pipe or years of being stored neglect. With these easy tips, you can help pack even the most fragile of items with peace of mind, and store them for years afterward. PhotosPick up a few dozen plastic sleeves – the kind with slots for photos and … [More]

Self Storage: Helping Homeowners Stay Homeowners

It’s nothing new to hear, yet again, how the economy has taken another turn for the worst.  Mortgage rates continue to fluctuate in an unsteady mess, and in an unforeseen twist, two “high-ranking financial whistleblowers” said they warned their respective companies about upcoming money crisis on 60 Minutes.  But, no matter the amount of hindsight warnings that may come to light, millions of Americans are still finding themselves in financial trouble – financial trouble that may involve losing a home or having to downsize into a more affordable space.  To keep a mortgage in check, families have taken to renting out an unused bedroom or space, or tapping … [More]

Winter Workout Room

It’s kind of crazy watching yourself get older. I’m 26 now, and it wasn’t until earlier this year that I finally looked in the mirror and realized I wasn’t as young as I used to be. My hairline is receding, my spare tire is growing, and my once toned muscles just don’t make me want to flex in the mirror anymore. I also almost pass out and get so sore I can barely move after sporting activities that I used to do without problem. Is it too soon to be having a midlife crisis? This shocking realization really motivated me to stay in shape this past summer. I … [More]

Donating Tips for Every Season

It’s getting to be the time of year where it is easy to get caught up in the hype of presents. Santa will soon bring good children gifts, families will provide presents, and charities will receive generous holiday donations. However, this is not the case for many. Especially when a time of high unemployment, the holiday season is not as fruitful for the less fortunate. For those who are in the position to donate, you’ll be helping others in more ways than you can imagine (if you still need a reason, it’s also a tax write off as well). There are local toy drives, money collections like the … [More]

4 Last Minute Holiday Gifts

If you’re anything like me, you love Christmas shopping. There’s a holiday cheer in the air, and a sense of accomplishment that comes with finding a present you know the receiver will love. Whether you’re an October shopper, have just a few things left to pick up, or have yet to start your holiday shopping, there always seems to be that last minute gift to pick up. But, rather than whipping up a batch of cookies for an unexpected gift exchange or handing over cash, I’m sharing my go-to list of last minute shopping ideas to fit almost any receiver. 1. Gift Cards They may be considered impersonal, but … [More]

Examining Your Inner Pack Rat

Almost everyone has heard of the show Hoarders – the A&E documentary that features people’s homes buried in mounds of junk, because they simply can’t throw anything away.  Hoarders will keep newspapers from decades past, empty tissue boxes and even the used tissues themselves.  And while this may be the very extremist of cases, being a pack rat is still a reality for many people.  While it can’t be pin pointed exactly as to why some people save and others don’t, it is safe to say that, at least on some level, it’s psychological.  For example, my grandmother, after growing up mixing spaghetti sauce with water, after saving … [More]

Organizing the Wrapping Supplies

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a stressful time.  Although pegged “the most wonderful time of the year,” what is known as “wonderful” can also be extra pressure and work – buying and wrapping presents, traveling, planning to spend time with family members. But while there’s no fix-all cure for the holidays, there are a few things that can help your season go a little smoother. When it comes to wrapping presents, I like to keep my supplies all in one organized space so I can easily find what I’m looking for when a last minute gift needs to be wrapped.  Thanks to a quick trip … [More]

Tricks of the Trade – Storage Auctions

A couple of weeks ago I went to my very first storage auction. I can’t lie, I’m a fan of the popular storage auction TV shows, and since watching, I’ve always had the desire to observe this firsthand. So, I took my lunch break early one day, and away I went! As I pulled up to the storage facility it was evident that I wasn’t the only one whose curiosity had the best of them. Cars lined down both sides of the street and a group of more than 40 individuals hovered around the access gate, all anxiously waiting for their opportunity to hit it big! Upon arriving, I … [More]

How You Can Go Green with Cleaning Supplies

The term “going green” is no longer just a few trying to promote planet health but everyone.  People are doing more and more to help save the environment, companies have begun advertising toward keeping a greener earth, and recycling is hitting an all-time high.  For example, in Connecticut, 64 towns recycled more than 92 tons of “waste” in the 2010/2011 year.  But what if going green wasn’t just about the good of the environment?  As important as that is, sometimes going green is also about saving money.  And who doesn’t want to save a few dollars? Rather than spending a lot on cleaning supplies (some of which can … [More]