The Change Up: Packing Away Seasonal Items

Posted on Nov 28 2011 - 1:21pm by Tim Eyre

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Tim Eyre, Interactive Marketing Manager for Extra Space Storage

The Change Up: Packing Away Seasonal Items

It’s getting to be that time of year again.  The leaves are falling along with the temperatures, and before you know it, winter will have snuck up on us.  Where warm and sunny days are traded in for bone-chilling winds and frozen precipitation.  And if you’re anything like me, you dread the winter, not because of the weather, but because that means it’s once again time to pack up all my summer sports gear: my gold clubs, my tennis racquet, my lawn chairs – basically anything that helps me live outdoors.  No more camping until the spring, and having to rely on ESPN for all of my sporting needs.

However, despite my summer withdraws, I’ve devised up a system where I can visit my outdoor gear as often as I’d like: I take them to a self storage facility.  Just before the winter hits full force, I pack up the truck with all my outdoor equipment, and lock it away for the colder months.  (And it works out great because we keep our winter stuff packed away for the summer.)  Not only do I know my things are safe from the harsh weather conditions, but all it takes is a short drive and I can be sitting in my lawn chair, holding a basketball, wishing the NBA lockout would end.  

Have I considered turning my self storage facility into a full-on man cave?  Of course I have, and maybe once my kids get a little older, I’ll do it.  But for now I still enjoy a chance to get away and visit my gear – along with the kids.  (They miss their bikes, power wheels and rollerblades just as much as I miss my outdoor summer runs.)  And thanks to the climate controlled facility, we can stay as long as we want without the kids getting cold.  It may be an unconventional way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but in the home stretch of winter, it’s nice to know that warm weather is on its way.