Storing Your Seasonal Items, Bring on the Winter Blues

Storing away your weather-specific items is one of the easiest ways to ensure they’ll last into the next season.  Although many may think they live in an area with milder winters as well, chances are you’re not using your outdoor items so store them!  As a married man with kids, and lots of outdoor items, getting them stored sooner than later will score some serious brownie points with your wife. If you are anything like me, I have to force myself to get these sort of things done and when I really buckle down and get it done early in the winter, but believe me, you’ll be glad you did it sooner than later.

So let’s break it down; what type of items are we dealing with here?

No more sun means no more swimming in the pool

You close your pool each fall, saving your pipes or pool liner from freezing, but what about the rest of it?  Do you take down the diving board?  You might ask, “Why the diving board?” Yes, diving boards can crack. What about your patio furniture?  Sure you pack away the cloth cushions, but what about the chairs themselves?  A garage or unfinished basement is a great place to store larger items like these and keep them fresh for when it warms up and you will actually use them.  Another great tip is placing items in the pool cover’s summer space.  It may be a little extra work, but keep these products safe and warm will help them last. I have never owned a pool but I hear replacing these items can get pricey if not properly cared for.

Coping with storing away your sports equipment

Whether it is a basketball hoop or a soccer goal, keeping your sports gear out of the elements will keep them in tip top shape.  Cloth goal and basketball nets often get stretched out in the winter months from frozen rain and snow, while steel nets are susceptible to rust.  I remember as a kid going out in the snowy weather, wearing my snow pants and a big winter coat shooting my basketball at the hoop that had several of inches of snow on the rim and a net that was completely frozen. And every spring when it started to warm up, sure enough I had to go buy a new net because I neglected to take it down at the beginning of winter.  So, at bare minimum, take down the nets and store them, you’ll be glad you did and it only takes a few minutes to remove.  And as for everything else, the general rule with sports equipment is that unless it’s used for ice hockey or skiing, take it inside!

Of course, with storing any of these items space may be an issue.  A great trick is to rotate your belongings.  Getting out the Christmas tree is sure to free up some extra space, as with winter sweaters and coats.  Another great option is renting a self storage unit.  You can rent as much or as little space as you need, and your belongings will have a safe place to stay until you’re ready to use them once again.  We just removed our winter holiday items from our storage unit and replaced the space with a mini basketball hoop, some big boxes filled with basketballs, sandbox toys, bicycles and a few boxes filled with summer clothes.

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Tim Eyre