Getting Organized … It’s Easier Than You’d Think… Really

Posted on Nov 11 2011 - 3:20pm by Jessica Johnson

Did you know there is actually a National Get Organized Week? Well, there is and if you’re like me you need a push to go through old whether it’s in a  storage unit, basement, or garage, and, well, get organized. 

A common misconception about getting organized is that it requires throwing out old or little used items.  However, while a thorough spring cleaning is often helpful, there are many ways to organize your belongings without getting rid of them.  For example, here at Extra Space Storage, it’s my job to keep the day-to-day procedures and operations efficient and running smooth.  If I see a department is less organized than it should be, I find a way to fix it.  I don’t go through and get rid of an entire department whose procedures are outdated, I work with them to find a better solution to achieve results with quicker methods.  If it helps, you can use this analogy when going through your things.  Think of your stored items as employees, and the storage space is your business.  You want to end up with as much business as possible while still keeping everyone on board.

Let’s start with the basics.  Take a deep breath – a really deep breath – and don’t get too overwhelmed with a project. Instead work on the project in steps so you make sure you actually finish the project.  Set aside an hour or two each day (or every other day) to work on the project.  Clean and organize until your allotted time is spent, and then leave for the day and do something more enjoyable (hiking, shopping, reading, maybe a glass of wine).  This will really help make larger projects easier to manage.

Finally comes the most tedious of the tasks, the major eye rolling task… going through small items and finding a home for them.  And as much as I hate to say it, there’s really no easy way to go about doing this, especially depending on what types of items you own.  If your items aren’t in boxes already, pick up a few good storage boxes the next time you’re at the store, along with a marker.  Boxes can be found at any office supply store,  ask your grocery store if they have any boxes to spare or save your boxes from Costco or Sam’s Club.  Then once you have your boxes, group like items, and then label them.   If you haven’t used the items a year from now, get rid of them! Donate them to charity, your favorite sibling or friend. Maybe they can find a good home for your once cherished possession.

Follow these simple tasks, and before you know it, your storage space will be organized and easy to navigate.  Just remember that with a little planning, organizing your stored items can be an efficient and painless task.