Baby Your Baby – Protect Your Classic Car and Keep It In Storage

We’ve all seen the candy apple red 1961 Ferrari 250 GT convertible in the classic film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If you haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor – drop everything and go rent this movie. Better yet, find it online and buy it! It’s that good. At the climax of the movie, Ferris’ friend Cameron takes a stand against his dad’s obsessive and unhealthy love for this car (warning to car lovers: viewer discretion is advised): Every swift kick to the front of the car makes a car lover’s heart sink. The crash out the window, through the trees and smashing into the ground is … [More]

The Change Up: Packing Away Seasonal Items

Fellow blog readers, When I was offered the opportunity to become a writer for the Extra Space Storage blog, I jumped at the opportunity.  After years of working in the self storage industry, I now have an outlet to share some of my hard-learned knowledge on the self storage, storing items, and how to best take advantage of your unit’s space.  You may be asking yourself “what is there to learn about storage” or “what interesting topics might he write about”? We will do our best to keep our topics interesting and applicable to all walks of life.. Myself and the other bloggers are excited to give our … [More]

Storing Your Seasonal Items, Bring on the Winter Blues

Storing away your weather-specific items is one of the easiest ways to ensure they’ll last into the next season.  Although many may think they live in an area with milder winters as well, chances are you’re not using your outdoor items so store them!  As a married man with kids, and lots of outdoor items, getting them stored sooner than later will score some serious brownie points with your wife. If you are anything like me, I have to force myself to get these sort of things done and when I really buckle down and get it done early in the winter, but believe me, you’ll be glad … [More]

In Need of Extra Man Space? Consider Self Storage

Every man needs a place to call his own – where he can escape life’s stresses and submerse himself in the things that he enjoys most, without interruption – an area often known as “the man cave.”  Some men design their future homes to include a specific room for their manly hobbies and interests, while others remodel and convert an existing room or garage into their ultimate man cave.  And if neither of those options work, or, frankly you need a little more freedom, there’s also a third option: renting a self storage unit. Although hard to believe, the self storage man cave is growing in popularity much … [More]

JR Martinez Shout Out

Yesterday I wrote about sharing Thanksgiving with family members who can’t attend in person, especially the ones serving our country in the military overseas.  My wife got me into watching So You Think You Can Dance and even Dancing with the Stars, so I’ve been following the amazing and inspirational JR Martinez. Hey, what can I say, his partner Karina Smirnoff is not exactly ugly! Anyway, he enlisted in the Army and was deployed to Iraq. His Humvee was blown up and he was almost burned to death.  He’s had over 30 surgeries, but you always see a smile on his face. So here’s to you JR. You … [More]

Sharing Thanksgiving Overseas

Got an extra chair at the Thanksgiving table this year? Don’t push it aside or use it to stack coats, fill it with a laptop or tablet and accommodate a remote guest right at the table. Friends and family members all over the country will be celebrating Thanksgiving but some of them will only be present through a brief phone call. While a loved one may not be physically present, you can easily have them join your celebration thanks to the wonderful world of technology by using online chatting and telecommunications. Sometimes our loved ones can’t make it to the Thanksgiving meal, but we still want to share … [More]

Organizing Thanksgiving

This upcoming Thanksgiving holiday don’t let the hassle of planning or traveling get in the way of enjoying your feast-of-a-day.  All too many times I’ve seen a stressed out family member spend the day cooking and cleaning up after others, when they should have been relaxing … and making others help with the duties.  Having a clear-cut plan, and articulating that plan can keep the day from being a mess, and one that will actually make you thankful.  So gather ’round the turkey, bring the pumpkin pie, and use your organizing skills to help make this holiday a smooth-flowing one. Make Plans to Relax and De-Stress First things … [More]

A Message to Kris Humphries

It was with great heartbreak and disappointment that I learned about the divorce of you and Kim Kardashian. Not for the fact that she ended your sham marriage, but for the fact that you were so upset and manic that you moved out of our Hoboken, NJ self-storage property. I get that you were completely “blindsided”, but why Kris, why move out of our conveniently located, professionally managed and uber-clean property? Why not take some time to figure out where life is taking you while keeping your treasured items in storage?  I will never forgive Kim for the turmoil she has caused you, and now Extra Space Storage. Adding insult to … [More]

Getting Organized … It’s Easier Than You’d Think… Really

Did you know there is actually a National Get Organized Week? Well, there is and if you’re like me you need a push to go through old whether it’s in a  storage unit, basement, or garage, and, well, get organized.  A common misconception about getting organized is that it requires throwing out old or little used items.  However, while a thorough spring cleaning is often helpful, there are many ways to organize your belongings without getting rid of them.  For example, here at Extra Space Storage, it’s my job to keep the day-to-day procedures and operations efficient and running smooth.  If I see a department is less organized … [More]

Welcome to Extra Space Storage’s Blog

Welcome to Extra Space Storage’s blog. I’m the head of marketing and corporate communications with Extra Space Storage. I joined Extra Space in 1999 after working in financial services and high tech. I enjoy skiing, fishing and golf. (I really suck at golf; don’t ever pick up golf when you turn 40. I should’ve taken up bowling or fencing.) When I joined Extra Space Storage, we had 12 properties so I’ve seen just about it all. It’s a great company to work for and there is never a dull day in the storage industry. At Extra Space Storage we are always looking for ways to interact with our … [More]